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LNEYA fights against “NCP” and resumes production safely

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The NCP casts a haze over the new year of 2020, but the moment when everything recovers will never be absent. At present, for many enterprises across the country, their operating pressure and shoulder responsibility are very heavy.

However, LNEYA continued to move forward with heavy load and was officially resumed on February 10 with the approval of the Wuxi Municipal Government. During the epidemic, it is very difficult to resume work and resume production. Employees from all corners of the world have resumed their work after policy permits. It is expected that the entire production process will be back on track by the end of March to alleviate the backlog of production pressure during the epidemic. At the same time, LNEYA also spent funds to purchase protective materials to ensure the safety of returnees.

Troubleshooting before returning to work
On the one hand, the company starts with employees, comprehensively determines the employees’ personal health, travel conditions and whether they are in contact with suspected infected persons, and screens out employees who can return to work. After a rigorous review, employees who can resume work are required to do all aspects of epidemic prevention before entering the factory for work.

Comprehensive disinfection check
On the other hand, before the resumption of work, the LNEYA factory organized the sterilization and disinfection of office areas, production areas, toilets, canteens, and public areas, and arranged special inspections to ensure the safety of the factory environment. In addition, Wuxi Guanya performs strict disinfection on the public areas of the plant every day to ensure that the working environment of employees is safe and assured.

Purchase of protective materials
At the same time, in order to protect the safety and health of themselves and others, the company also organized the purchase of masks, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, forehead guns, etc. to ensure the personal protection and environmental killing of reworked employees. LNEYA is equipped with sufficient masks to be distributed to returning employees on time and on demand.

Access management
During the restoration of production, in order to minimize personnel intensiveness and contact, every employee returning to work in Wuxi Guanya must go through three “checkpoints” before entering the factory: standard masks, qualified temperature measurement, and comprehensive disinfection.

Canteen dining management
For the crowd-prone dining situation, LNEYA adopts isolated dining. The dining staff must be separated by more than 1 meter. Multiple people are prohibited from dining at the table.

The battle for “NCP” is still going on. The epidemic prevention work must not be taken lightly. The company will go all out to do all kinds of epidemic prevention work to create a safe and reliable work and life for all partners, and resolutely win the epidemic prevention battle!

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