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Working Principle and Process of Chiller Temperature Control and Pressure Controller

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Air cooled chiller temperature controller is a two – position regulator, also known as chiller temperature control relay.According to the change of adjusted temperature,the chiller temperature control makes the contact on or off, thus controlling the motor or solenoid valve of the compressor.The chiller temperature controller usually uses pressure-sensitive elements to change the temperature parameters into pressure parameters to push the contact on and off.Operating principle of chiller temperature control: the temperature wrap and bellows are filled with volatile liquid working medium.When the temperature of the temperature wrap changes, the working medium pressure changes accordingly.If the temperature of the air-cooled chiller drops, the thrust of the bellows will be reduced.Under the action of the spring force, the lever rotates counterclockwise. The two points of lever A and B will push the button of the micro switch to make the normally closed contact disconnected, thus cutting off the circuit.On the contrary, when the temperature of the air-cooled chiller rises, the thrust of the bellows increases and the lever rotates clockwise. A and B are separated from the button of the micro switch. Under the action of the spring force of the micro switch, the contact is closed and the circuit is connected.
Air cooled chiller pressure controller: the chiller pressure controller is also a two – position regulator. It is an electrical switch controlled by a pressure signal,also known as pressure relay. The pressure controller of the air cooled chiller is divided into two types: high pressure controller and low pressure controller. It can also combine the high pressure controller and low pressure controller together, which is called high and low pressure controller.
The low-pressure controller of the air-cooled chiller is used in the steam suction pipe of the compressor. When the pressure is lower than the set value, the low-pressure controller cuts off the circuit. When the pressure is higher than the set value, the circuit is connected.The low pressure controller can also be used as the energy automatic regulation of the compressor. The left side is the high pressure controller and the right side is the low pressure controller.As the compressor overpressure protection of the high pressure controller, pressure drop, can not be automatically reset.Manual reset is required to prevent the compressor from starting up again before the failure is eliminated.

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