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Global cooperation against COVID-19, LNEYA provides support within its ability

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At the current stage of virus transmission, it is imperative to study effective drugs and vaccines against coronavirus. As a manufacturer of high-precision temperature control technology, we believe that it is our responsibility to support the work against coronavirus research.

Our temperature control unit can make an important contribution in research laboratories and production facilities in chemistry, pharmacy and medical technology.

The LNEYA temperature control unit is used to research and manufacture chemicals for coronavirus testing. In addition, by tempering the reaction vessel, the first batch of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 can be quickly produced. It is also used in the production of medical equipment and protective equipment, such as material quality and functional testing. In the laboratory, it is responsible for the cooling and heating of the reaction process and ensuring the precise temperature in the preparation and storage of cultures and laboratory samples.

In order to support science and research in the best way to fight against the virus pandemic, LNEYA puts customers and orders in this regard first, because time is one of the decisive factors in the fight against coronaviruses. Since February 2020, the emphasis has been on protecting employees and maintaining production from the effects of viruses; therefore, many measures to protect the workforce have been established, such as code of conduct for working at certain times and hygienic measures for eating at different times, and stopping collective travel And the separation of employees in the work space.

The LNEYA temperature control system (circulating cooler, constant temperature circulator) has been used in laboratories and related research institutions for more than 10 years. Its accuracy and reliability are suitable for a variety of reaction and test applications. The device is not only used for medicine in medical research. In many other fields, such as reactor temperature control during material product development and testing, precise temperature control is also required. For example, biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.

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